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Publish your book with Powder River Publishing

“Your battles inspired me - not the obvious material battles but those that were fought and won behind your forehead.”

– James Joyce

What we're looking for: 

Powder River Publishing is currently accepting submissions from authors of all genres. Authors can submit their manuscript by emailing the first ten pages of their work, anticipated word count, and where they think their book fits into the literary landscape to

We are the "Author's Publisher" and pride ourselves in working directly with our authors throughout the entire publishing process, giving them the final say on all things in their book. Our aim as a publishing com
pany is to work directly with the author and sell as many books as possible. We believe in personal interaction with our authors to mold the project into the vision they have for their work.     

What we offer as a publishing company: 

We offer authors the opportunity to publish their works by guiding them through the publishing process and getting their book into print and on to digital platforms such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Apple. We offer high royalty percentages for authors (up to 70%), and multiple publishing avenues. We offer authors 100% royalties on anything they sell independent of the publisher

We do not charge authors for copies of their books, but rather allow them to purchase copies from the printer at a wholesale price.  

We handle the publishing process, global distribution and marketing so writers can focus on their work. 
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